Forum Foundation Announces Micro-Grant Awardees


Updated: January 30, 2017

The Forum Foundation, in cooperation with the National Dialogue Network, has completed its review of four applications and has awarded a total of $20,000 to the following organizations who agree to collaborate and incorporate the versatile Opinionnaire® Survey and Fast Forum® Reports into their public projects beginning in 2017. All organizations agreed to become members of NCDD; chose to repeat their projects during 2017 and 2018 to receive additional funding; and to apply to present their public results at the next NCDD conference in 2018.

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The following organization received awards:

  1. The Interactivity Foundation
  2. The Linner Foundation
  3. The Listening Corps
  4. The Russian-American Education Forum: An Online Journal

(more information will be provided shortly)


Poverty and Wealth in America – final report published by the National Dialogue Network


The culminating results and insights from the National Dialogue Network (NDN) about its 2013 inaugural national conversation on Poverty and Wealth in America were presented during the NCDD conference in Reston, VA, October 17-19, 2014.

A PDF copy of that report is available through this link.

Thank you again to all the people that helped make the National Dialogue Network, and its inaugural effort, a success. Your names are documented on the cover page of the referenced report.

And just to document again how the NDN came to be, I wanted to leave this trail of links to previous posts about the idea (see below)… creating a national scale infrastructure, that is decentralized and collaborative, and that can help the most locally focused groups of people, organizations, and institutions, better engage their natural scale of constituents or members about issues important to themselves. AND THEN taking locally developed materials and inserting a national scale “Opinionnaire® Survey”, packaging it all up, and distributing it all to anyone else, ANYWHERE ELSE, that wants to engage their (other) constituents and community members in a similar conversation.
Contact me if you want to unpack this last paragraph further.




If you have other thoughts about any of this, please either leave a comment below or contact me privately. I continue to refine the tools and infrastructure of the National Dialogue Network… this is all available without charge to NCDD members. Please let me know how I can help you do something similar with your community — big or small —
“Because We Are All In This Together!”