Communications to the 7th Generation



Seven generations is about 175-200 years. This is seven cycles of one generation’s children growing up and having children of their own. What they have to work with—or our legacy and their inheritance—is directly connected to who we are and the choices we make or allow or that get imposed today in our time.

The Wranglers for this thread (Dyck Dewid & John Perkins) set ourselves two tasks: composing a letter from today to this future generation and imagining a letter in return from this future time to today. Let these letters incite your own imagination.


As I write this first letter to a generation far into the distant future, I find myself making up some presumptions. If I was comfortable using the word Hope, I’d use it instead. More accurately I say, “I’ll be surprised if there are living human offspring (sons and daughters) to answer my letter.”

My first presumption is that there still is human life on this planet (earth) past about 2100 in spite of the plunder of earth and inhabitants by my generation and those before mine.

Another presumption is that humans are actively engaged in learning and know more than we do in 2013 about the interdependence of every thing in nature.

Another presumption is that either a leader of supreme intelligence has come from without earth environment, or that humanity has developed intelligence to govern in & for harmony.

Another presumption is that humans will have learned to share all earth resources and how humans are integrally connected.

Another presumption is that humans will have progressed to be able to deal with technology primarily in humanistic ways rather than in primarily economic driven ways.


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Next post: Questions for future sons and daughters.

Yours, Dyck Dewid & John Perkins