Is Healthcare a Right or a Privilege? (August 30 in New York City)


Join the 3pm conversation at Bryant Park in NYC on August 30, 2014

At the heart of the health care debate in America lies the perennially-thorny issue regarding the proper role of the government. In its landmark case, Nat’l Fed’n of Indep. Business V. Sebelius, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Individual Mandate penalty under the Affordable Care Act is a tax and it constitutes a valid exercise of the Congressional authority.

So it logically follows that health care is a “good” or a product that can be taxed and regulated — but can it also be a “right”? For that question, let’s examine the philosophical notions of:

• What is a “right“?
• What is a “good“?
• Are both mutually exclusive?
• Or is it a false logic to describe in such absolute terms?

These questions pose a moral dilemma, as we grapple with the competing notions of:
1) the economic, social, and cultural right to a universal minimum standard of health; versus
2) the traditional limited role of the government with respect to resources and entitlements.

This contentious and important public policy will be discussed on August 30, 2014. This event is held in conjunction with the Conversation Day celebration at the beautiful Bryant Park in New York City.

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