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National Dialogue Network Opinionnaire survey on Poverty and Wealth in America

The National Dialogue Network (NDN) is coordinating this national conversation and survey on Poverty & Wealth in America.
 Your participation is requested and your opinions will be combined with those from other participants across the United States to better understand our larger national dialogue. NDN will prepare final reports (with transparent oversight and assistance) by the end of November and share them with everyone.

“The growing economic inequality of American life presents the most crucial moral issue for the health of democracy, according to historian James MacGregor Burns. It’s an issue that affects almost every other issue, from campaign finance to corporate welfare to the daily priorities of the U.S. Congress. The widening gap between the top and bottom of American society is now the 900-pound gorilla lurking in the background of every political discussion. It’s just sitting there, but nobody is talking about it. It’s time we started talking about it. Our moral integrity demands it.  And the common good requires it.”

Jim Wallis, President / Editor-in-Chief, Sojourners Magazine, March-April 1999,

“It’s not American decline, it’s class. We’ve had a lot of discussion about race…; to me, the class divide is bigger than the race divide. If you’re in the educated class, college-educated communities, you’re not seeing decline. You’ve got intact family structures, you’ve got rising incomes; you’re doing fine. If you’re in the less-educated [communities], whether you’re African American, Latino, white, Asian, you’re seeing collapsing social structures, you’re seeing 70% of African American kids born out of wedlock; 65% of Latino, [and a] high percent of poor white kids. And so what you’re seeing is this collapse of order on the bottom….”

David Brooks, Columnist, New York Times, on Meet the Press, July 21, 2013,

In 2013, voting members of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) selected this proposal for a National Dialogue Network as one of two Catalyst Award winners to encourage “collaborative projects that contribute to the development of a robust, sustainable civic infrastructure in our communities and our country.” More at: